Kunal Jain -
  • Cajun Seasoning - I used this as a marinade for my boneless chicken for my white pasta and turnt out to be awesome, the chicken was flavourful. I was sceptical about adding around two teaspoons for 250 grams chicken but it turned out to be perfect.

Cajun Seasoning

Rahul Akawat -

  • Dhaniya & Pudhina Chutney - The chutney is amazing .It tastes like a home made chutney . The consistency and texture is also perfect. Great combo of coriander and mint. Perfect mixture of spices . Worth to purchase it. I want to definitely buy more products of peepal essentials.

Ruchi Hadpawat -

  • Peri Peri Seasoning - I decided to purchase this brand after reading the reviews. I'm so glad I did. While I haven't cooked with it yet, when I opened the bag is amazing. I can smell and taste the ingredients. Has a very nice light hint of heat.

Pallavi Harjpalani-

  • Blue Pea Green Tea - Earlier I had tried a lot of green teas but couldn't continue due to the bitter tastes.At first I was very skeptical while ordering this but I was totally stumped!!
    The flavours are oh so soothing and unique in their own. Aromatic, herbal and refreshing.

Divya Tamboli -

  • Dhaniya & Pudhina Chutney  - One of the best chutney .....it is worth to purchase it ....awesome taste and amazing combination of spices , coriander and mint . It reminds me my home . This chutney taste like it is made by my mother. Consistency is also perfect with the taste.

Himanshu Nainawa -

  •  Blue Pea Green Tea - Loved it! Peepal Essentials Blue Pea Green Tea is rich in flavour and it’s even better with lemon. Though after adding lemon drops its colour will change to an amazing & tastes superb. Highly recommended to try.

Ashray Bhagawat -

  • Amchi Pav Bhaji Masala - I have used this product for the first time, i felt a magical twist in the flavors of my dish. Will definitely be going to purchase this product again.

Shreeman Purohit -

  • Cocktail Candy - These candies are very wonderful in taste. Every flavor in this bottle is amazing. Quality and quantity it’s worth the value of money.

Jaydeep Ajmera -

  • Meetha Amla -  I was interested in buying this because it reminds me of a type of Amla Candy that I used to have when I was growing up. It is very similar to dried amla candies that my mom used to make at home . It's a simple amla candy, but it is satisfyingly gives you the meetha amla taste which is addictive .You cannot restrict yourself to only having one or two at a time.

Riddhima Khamesra -

  • Mixed Herbs - The flavour and fragrance are both on the spot. A little goes a long way. Love using it in my pastas n pizzas and even other snacks. I have also tried it with grilled potatoes and grilled paneer. It tastes amazing.   

Jubin Nahar -

  • Italian Seasoning - I am trying Peepal Essentials for the first time. The flavour of the Italian Seasoning is really good and adds great taste to my pizza/pasta sauces which i make regularly.